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Trianon Citrine and Natural Shell Earclips


Dating from the late 20th century, this pair of natural shell and citrine clip earrings by Trianon are mounted in 14K gold. Each earring, with omega clip back, is designed as a natural orange and cream toned high-domed cockle shell with radial ribs, each bezel-set with an oval-cut citrine, and accented by small circular-cut citrines and applied gold florets, mounted in 14K gold. With their warm palette of cream, sparkling orange and gold, combined with the beauty of natural form and texture, these whimsical shell earclips conjure up the refreshing beauty of sun and sea.

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Item #: ER-20595
Artist: Trianon
Country: United States
Circa: Late 20th century
Size:  1.375” length x 1.375” width)
Materials: 2 oval citrines (approximate total weight 12.00 carats); 8 circular-cut citrines (approximate total weight ,56 carat); 14K gold
Signed: Trianon 14K

Shells are among the materials used by early humans as adornment. Drilled orange shells, once strung on necklaces, have been discovered in excavations of cave dwellings dating from circa 100,000 B.C. on the African seaside. Anthropologists consider these jewelry artifacts to be among the first evidence of symbolic thinking, making jewelry, arguably, the earliest form of art.