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Tiffany Studios New York "Tyler" Table Lamp

A rare and historically significant example of lyricism infused into stark geometry, the Tiffany Studios New York glass and bronze "Tyler" lamp is as strikingly elegant as it is boldly intriguing. The shade features a background of flaming yellowed orange brick patterning, broken up by a swirling motif of striated yellow and green glass, executed in the form of abstracted cresting waves. The shade is further decorated by a bottom border of semicircular tiles in vibrant green hues>

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Item #: L-20554
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Country: United States
Circa: 1897
Dimensions: 26" high, 18" diameter
Materials: Bronze, Leaded glass
Shade Signed: Tiffany Studios New York
Base Signed: Tiffany Studios New York 7810
Literature: A similar lamp is featured in Tiffany Lamps and Metalware: An illustrated reference to over 2000 models, by Alistair Duncan p. 32, fig. 87; p. 145, fig. 605, 607 (similar examples of shade 1473)

Tiffany's shades, as wonderfully varied as they are, are often broadly categorized into one of two categories; either a "floral" or a "geometric" design. Although there are no obvious natural motifs in this composition, it seems to defy definition, as the swirling motifs that break up the austere geometry of the brick design bring to mind the beauty of the organic.