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Tiffany Studios New York "Curtain" Border Floor Lamp

Stark geometry begins to dance in the exciting composition of this Tiffany Studios New York "Curtain Border" lamp. Tiles of mottled amber, yellow and greenish hues, arranged in a large field, dominate the dome of the shade while the lower border, in lighter tones of lemon yellow and yellowish-white is comprised of perfectly upright vertical glass panels. Where the two patterns meet joy ensues, as an intricate motif of half moon shapes of various sizes bounces the eye delightfully in every direction. 


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Item #: L-20120
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Circa: 1900
Country: United States
Dimensions: 76.5" height, 24.25" diameter
Materials: Leaded Glass, Bronze
Shade Signed: ''Tiffany Studios New York 1515-10'' 
Base Signed: “Tiffany Studios New York 936” and Tiffany Monogram
Literature: A similar shade is pictured in Tiffany Lamps and Metalware: An illustrated reference to over 2000 models, by Alastair Duncan Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors’ Club Ltd., 2019. p. 204, plate 790, p.206 plate 800

Tiffany Studios New York's world-famous lamps are often divided into two categories; floral or geometric. This lamp quite clearly falls into the geometric camp, but with such verve as to bring organic shapes to mind.