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Tiffany & Co. Silver Set of Knives

Deeply inspired by the mixed metal masterpieces created contemporaneously by the great Japanese makers, this set of 12 silver knives, created by the house of Tiffany & Co. feature elegantly elongated blades extending from narrow, ribbed necks. The body of each knife is decorated with stylized naturalistic motifs in subtle hues of mixed metals, the silhouette of each form being delicately dictated by dancing, elongated lines.

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Item #: T-20101
Artist: Tiffany & Co.
Circa: 1873
United States
7" Long; Box 8.25" long, 8.25" wide
Sterling Silver
"Tiffany & Co. Sterling 3871" with various hallmarks

The term "Japonisme" is generally said to have been coined by the French critic Philippe Burty in the early 1870s. It described the craze for Japanese art and design that swept France and elsewhere after trade with Japan resumed in the 1850s, the country having been closed to the West since about 1600. The rediscovery of Japanese art and design had an almost incalculable effect on Western art. The development of modern painting from impressionism on was profoundly affected by the flatness, brilliant color, and high degree of stylization, combined with realist subject matter, of Japanese woodcut prints. Design was similarly affected in as seen in the aesthetic movement and Art Nouveau.