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Tiffany & Co. Ropetwist Spiral Clip Earrings


Dating from the late 20th century, these clip earrings are designed as three dimensional domed spirals composed of 18K gold rope twist. A classic form, these clip earrings bring the pleasing warmth of textured 18K gold to the face.

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Item #: ER-20181
Artist: Tiffany & Co.
Circa: 1960-1980
Size:  0.75” diameter; 0.75” height
Materials: 18K gold
Signed: Tiffany & Co. 750. T & Co 585

18K gold wire formed to look like twisted rope has been used in jewelry since ancient times. The Hellenistic Greeks, who formed their wire entirely by hand from delicate gold strips, created the most elaborate gold rope work forms, both as necklaces and earrings.