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Tiffany & Co. Retro Gold Clip Earrings and Brooch

These Retro clip earrings and brooch are composed of 14K gold. The clip earrings are designed as ridged ribbons suspended from a domed ball top curling back upon themselves, while the brooch is a ribbed, scrolling leaf topped by volutes and a graduating line of spherules. Modeled to catch and throw the light from its canted ridges, this free-form Retro suite is a high expression of the abstract and sculpted aesthetic of the time.

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Item #: STE-20950
Artist: Tiffany & Co.
Country: United States
Circa: 1940s
Materials: 14K Gold
Signed: Earrings: TIFFANY & CO. PAT. 2423905 14KT 14578, Pre-formed Parts maker's mark. Brooch: TIFFANY & CO. 14KT 3843 Pre-formed Parts maker's mark.

After the death of Louis Tiffany in 1943, Tiffany & Co. embraced contemporary styles again, playing with ample and voluminous shapes formed of gold, and fully abandoning flat geometry to explore the forms of nature through the lens of industrial design and expressive volume.