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Tiffany & Co. 18K Gold and Lapis Lazuli Bangle Bracelet by Angela Cummings

Created in the early 1980s by Angela Cummings at Tiffany & Co., this "Allure" bangle bracelet is composed of lapis lazuli and 18K gold. The invisibly-hinged bombé bangle is inlaid throughout with abstract-design lapis lazuli forms set flush with the curved surface. Streamlined and ultra-modern, this remains among the most distinctive of Cummings' beloved designs for Tiffany & Co.

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Item #: BA-21045
Artist: Angela Cummings for Tiffany & Co.
Country: Hong Kong
Circa: early 1980s
Materials: Lapis Lazuli; 18K Gold
Signed: TIFFANY & CO., HONG KONG, 750, Angela Cummings' maker's mark

The art of hardstone inlay into precious metals has been practiced by various cultures over time, beginning in the classical world. Later, artists in 12th and 13th century Iran, supported by liberal patrons, raised these arts to new heights of ingenuity and technical skill. European craftsmen recovered this artitic practice in the Renaissance, and, in the German-speaking world, where Cummings learned her craft, Idar-Obserstein remains a center of excellence in hardstone carving. Part of the magic of Cummings' Allure collection is the seamless combination of this ancient art with jewelry design of sleek modernity.