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Three-Stone Diamond Ring


This Edwardian three-stone ring is set with of over four carats of old European-cut diamonds, an antique cut prized for its unique balance of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. The line of three large diamonds across the top, interspersed with flashing single-cuts, creates a blaze of white light on the finger, while the delicate pierce work of the platinum gallery ensures maximum light transmission. Sleek and unadorned, it makes a minimalist statement of the pure beauty of diamonds.

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Circa: 1900s
Size: 5.25 (this ring may be resized, please contact us for further information) 
Materials: 3 Old European-cut diamonds (weighing approximately 1.65 carats, 1.30 carats, and 1.20 carats); 10 Single-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 0.05 carat); Platinum; Adjustable platinum and 14K white gold shank (added later)

The three largest diamonds on this ring are designed with “open culets," a flat facet located at the tip of the stone’s pavilion, visible from above through the stone’s crown as a diminutive circle.