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Reverse Crystal Intaglio Dog Brooch


This gold brooch features an unusual reverse crystal intaglio, created by carving and reverse-painting rock crystal, these special miniatures portraits often depict horses, dogs, cats, and other beloved pets, especially in the Victorian era. Express your love for the friendly and feisty terrier with this adorable image of a fluffy white and brown pup, wearing a red collar with his tongue hanging out.


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Item #: BO-15505
Country: England
Circa: 1880
Size: 1” diameter
Materials: Reverse-painted rock crystal; 15K Gold
Signed: "15"

The art of reverse crystal intaglio was passed down in secrecy within English craftsmen’s families, from the 1860s onward. An elaborate process with multiple stages of polishing, painting, engraving, and carving, these reverse crystals were created using handmade soft steel tools and brushes down to the fineness of a single hair.