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Polished Gold Tank Track Necklace


Composed of bi-color yellow and rose gold, this necklace is a classic Retro design dating from the 1940s. Slightly tapering in form, it is a unified composition of articulated links shaped as half cylinders, alternating inclined planes, and hemispheres. An artistic interpretation of the forms of the machine age, its complex interplay of alternating rounded and angular shapes illuminates the face and eyes with gleaming shades of gold and rose.

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Item #: N-18658
Circa: 1940s
Size: 19.50" length, 1" to 0.50" width
Materials: 18K Gold; 18K Rose gold

The popular Retro tank track style is typically encountered in bracelet form; the broad geometric links are far more challenging to form into a necklace, making this jewel a rare find.