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Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring


Of contemporary design, this white gold ring centers an oval opal, vertically and horizontally flanked by four clusters of three round brilliant-cut diamonds, uniting in a graceful design that elongates the finger. The opal’s blue base is scattered with variable vivid green and orange play of color, highlighted by the bright sparkles of the diamonds.

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Circa: Contemporary
Size: 6 (this ring may be resized, please contact us for further information) 
Materials: Oval opal (approximate total weight 3.25 carats); 12 Round brilliant-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 0.60 carat); 18K White gold

Precious opal’s iridescent phenomenon, “play of color," is created by the passage of light through the tiny silica spheres stacked together in the mineral’s lattice. These stacks diffract visible light, breaking the rays into their rainbow of constituent colors.