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Mottled Stone French Bulldog Miniature Sculpture


Carved in white and black mottled stone, this charmingly steadfast, late 19th century miniature sculpture of a French bulldog comes replete with a gold link collar, adorned with a glittering red-hued gemstone. Though petite, the wonderfully naturalistic face of the little creature is replete with intricately carved details, and made to further sparkle with green gemstone eyes.

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Item #: S-19094 
Artist: Unattributed, possibly retailed by Cartier 
Circa: Late 19th century 
Dimensions: 2.5" height, 1" width, 2.5" depth 
Materials: Carved mottled stone; 2 Green gemstones; Red gemstone; 18K Gold; Together with Cartier box 
Signed: Unsigned, though possibly retailed by Cartier, as it comes in a period-appropriate Cartier box

In the mid-1800s, a toy-size Bulldog found favor in some English cities, including Nottingham, which was then a center for lace making. The toy Bulldog became something of a mascot for Nottingham’s lace makers. This was the height of the Industrial Revolution in England, and such “cottage industries” as lace making were increasingly threatened. Many in the lace trade relocated to northern France, and of course, they brought their toy Bulldogs with them, and thus, the little dogs became popular in the French countryside where lace makers settled.