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Mellerio dits Meller Convertible Diamond Necklace


A creation of French jewelers serving royalty since the early 17th century, this superb triple-row necklace of near-colorless diamonds and platinum is a mid-century modernist version of the traditional rivière. Here, Mellerio dit Meller designers explore the diamond’s quality as the ideal plaything of white light, creating intriguing visual rhythms based on the brilliance of the rounds, contrasted with the baguettes' hall-of-mirror effects. A marvel of mini-engineering, the necklace links are supremely flexible, converting neatly into a bracelet or even tiara, adaptable and stunning for any occasion.

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Item #: N-15013
Artist: Mellerio dits Meller, Paris
Country: France
Circa: 1950
Size: 16.5” length, 0.5625” width (necklace); 7" length, 0.625" width (bracelet); 7" length, 1.25" width (tiara)
Materials: 200 Round brilliant-cut and 200 baguette-cut diamonds (approximate total weight of 44.25 carats and 45.75 carats, respectively); Platinum; 18K White Gold; Together with Mellerio dits Meller fitted box
Signed: "Mellerio," French control marks for platinum and white gold

This necklace is so well engineered that it could be tied in knots, and expresses simplicity and taste; if anything with ninety carats of diamonds can be subtle and understated, this is it. Mellerio has been a favorite of royals since Marie de Medici, a strong minded and jewelry loving Queen Mother who battled Cardinal Richelieu to rule France.