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Marcus & Co. Gemstone Cuff Links


Dating from circa 1900, these Marcus & Co. gold cuff links are designed as asymmetrical double links, variously set with a tiger’s eye, moonstone, black opal, or pale blue star sapphire cabochon. Each semi-rounded link is unique, with apertures, rings, and applied beads, loosely inspired by the forms of runes or ancient logograms. Stylish and totally original, heavy and soft in the hand and set with beautiful stones, these intriguing, richly colored cuff links invite special appreciation.


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Item #: CS-19922
Artist: Marcus & Co., New York
Country: United States 
Circa: 1900 
Size: 0.625" diameter 
Materials: Black opal cabochon (approximate weight 0.65 carat); Star sapphire cabochon (approximate weight 1.00 carat); Tiger’s eye quartz cabochon (approximate weight 1.25 carats); Moonstone cabochon (approximate weight 0.50 carat); 18K Gold; Together with original Marcus & Co. signed box 
Signed: "M& Co. 9504" 
Literature: Designs for similar cuff links may be found in the Marcus & Co. design volumes, preserved at Dartmouth’s Rauner Library, album 1, p. 97

Marcus & Co. created a small group of jewelry loosely inspired by aspects of ancient cultures, including Mayan and Viking symbology. Earlier in the century, New Yorker John L. Stephens, and partner Frederick Catherwood, had caused a sensation with their publication of Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatán, which included lithographs of the astonishing art, architecture, and logograms they had observed in the ruins of Mayan civilization. The box’s address dates the cuff links to 1899 of after, when Marcus & Co. moved to 5th Avenue and 45th Street in New York City.