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Louis Chalon "Dancing Woman with an Octopus" Bronze Sculpture

In Louis Chalon’s "Dancing Woman with an Octopus", an octopus tentacle wraps around her leg, is a pure expression of feminine sensuality. Her veils summon the Orient, imbuing her with exoticism. Her freeform dance movement and extended limbs enact her sexual ecstasy. The piece explores the turn-of-the century fascination with Japanese shunga. Many showed women being by an octopus in varied and multiple ways.

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Item #: S-20959
Artist: Louis Chalon
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 20.5" high, 13" wide, 6.5" deep
Materials: Bronze
Literature: A similar sculpture is pictured in: Dynamic Beauty: Sculpture of Art Nouveau Paris, by Macklowe Gallery, The Studley Press, 2011, p 101.

The multi-talented Louis Chalon was not only a sculptor, but also a painter and an illustrator. He exhibited in the Salon between 1898 and 1911, and rapidly became known for his busts, antique and mythological subjects, and a variety of Art Nouveau-style bronzes. The present model, an example of the latter category, shows flowing drapery and the amusing addition of the octopus.