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Kaufmann de Suisse Diamond Rivière Necklace


Made by one the premier modern jewelers with a specialty in high end diamonds, this Kaufmann de Suisse diamond rivière necklace of beautifully emerald-cut stones is simple and elegant. The colorless, high clarity emerald-cuts specially capture diamond’s “hall of mirrors” reflection effects, and create broad flashes of white light as the wearer moves.

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Item #: YN-19340
Artist: Kaufmann de Suisse
Circa: 2009
Size: 15” length
Materials: 78 Emerald-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 69.23 carats); Platinum; Together with original signed box
Signed: Maker’s mark for Kaufmann de Suisse
Documentation: All emerald-cut diamonds are accompanied by certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), 45 in total, stating that the diamonds range from D, E and F color and IF to VS1 clarity, specifying the weight, color and clarity for all stones 1 carat and above, and specifying the weight, color, and clarity for groups below 1 carat

A family owned business with an old-world service ethic, Kaufmann de Suisse are winners of five Diamond International Awards for excellence in jewelry design.