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Jules Cayette “Grappes de Raisins” Chandelier

Jules Cayette’s “Grappes de raisins” is a masterpiece in Art Nouveau lighting. The form of the chandelier evokes a flower, where the sepal is formed by a cluster of French blue grapes. The petals are decorated with a polychromatic border of grape vines and clusters of grapes hanging on either side. Small leaflets are accented by emerald glass jewels, faceted to resemble the pavilion of a diamond. The stamen is formed by grains of wheat, and the pistils — the beard of the wheat. The chandelier bail cover is comprised of varnished wood and openwork gilt bronze, segmented to resemble the abdomen of a dragonfly. It is accentuated by a gilt bronze lotus collar. Lotus collars and finials were a common decoration of medieval Indian rose water sprinklers. The collar is comprised of a beard of wheat.

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Item #: EL-20748
Artist: Jules Cayette
Country: France
Circa: 1910
Dimensions: 65" height, 35.5" width
Materials: Gilt Bronze, Leaded Glass, Wood
Signed: "J Cayette Nancy" signature engraved on the back of the frame

French blue grapes are used for a wide range of wines, from Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon. Jules Cayette, like many of his Nancy contemporaries, were refugees from Lorraine. As a wine producing region, the grape was a symbol of Lorrainese pride. Lorrainese symbols also were used as reminders of the annexation of Alsace Lorraine and the widespread desire for it to be returned to la patrie (motherland).