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François-Rupert Carabin Bronze Castanet Dancer Sculpture


This French Art Nouveau bronze sculpture of a castanet dancer in spinning motion with dramatically flowing gown by François-Rupert Carabin, features a barefoot female form, whose darkened garb grips her body as it flows powerfully outward, holds her arms resolutely outward, castinettes clasped in each hand.

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Item #: S-17332
Artist: François-Rupert Carabin
Circa: 1900s
Dimensions: 8.25" height, 4.5" diameter 
Materials: Bronze
Signed: "R Carabin," Stamped “1” under the base

François-Rupert Carabin, perhaps the most brilliant sculptor in wood of the Art Nouveau era, was also an accomplished photographer, metal-maker, and designer of ceramics. He was regularly invited to the Vienna Secession. Carabin’s work exemplified the Pantheist spirit in Art Nouveau, a movement that emphasized a return to unconventional, realistic depictions of nature, often conveying a sense of awe and fear.