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Five-Stone Diamond Ring


This antique diamond ring is composed of over five carats carats of five chunky old mine-cut diamonds, set in gold with a delicately scrolling gallery. Interspersed with smaller diamonds to fill every possible space among the larger stones, the band flashes with brilliance, and sparkles with subtle rainbow gleams on the finger. The shoulders of the ring are carved with a flame motif which swirls into deeper carved work on the gallery.


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Item #: R-17069
Country: England (attributed to)
Circa: 1890s-1900s
Size: 9.5 (this ring may be resized, please contact us for further information)
Materials: 5 Old mine-cut diamonds (approximate total weight of 5.30 carats); 10 Rose-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 0.16 carat); 18K Gold

Unlike modern cuts—which maximize brilliance (white light)—antique cuts take advantage of diamond’s unmatched capacities for white light return, rainbow flashes, and scintillation, by achieving a beautiful balance of the three.