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Eugène Gaillard Mahogany Desk Set


Described as “inspired by but never imitative” of nature, the work of Eugène Gaillard is celebrated for its marriage of strong lines and graceful composition. This elegant but robust mahogany wooden writing desk set provides us with a superb example of such characteristically resolute design. The upholstered chair is more lyrical, composed of lines that resemble the swell of an incoming tide, powerfully sweeping forward toward the desk, as if gravitationally pulled towards it. Sold exclusively as a matching set.

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Item #: F-19972
Artist: Eugène Gaillard
Country: France
Circa: 1903
Dimensions: 45" height, 55" width, 18" depth (desk)
Materials: Crotch mahogany wood, Gilt bronze hardware, Modern upholstery
Literature: Similar desk and chair pictured in Le Modern Style, by Lawrence Buffet-Challie, p. 51, plate 1; similar desk and chair also pictured in Art Nouveau Furniture, by Alastair Duncan, p. 45; similar desk and chair also pictured in Le Mobilier Du XXE Siècle, by Pierre Kjellberg, p. 245

Eugène Gaillard, the brother of the celebrated Paris jeweler Lucien Gaillard, originally studied and practiced law before abandoning that practice to begin his study of sculpture, which lead him into the realm of other decorative arts in the Art Nouveau style, and which brought him much acclaim with the ever celebrated 20th century Art Nouveau gallery “L’Art Nouveau Bing.” Gaillard was a multidisciplinary artist, designing furniture, decorative sculpture and textiles to complete rooms and atmospheres in their entirety.