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Ernest Bussière "Ombellifère" Ceramic Vase


This iridescent glazed ceramic "Ombellifère" vase, designed by Ernest Bussière and produced by Keller et Guérin, depicts umbel blossoms in low relief, with six flowers whose stems extend away from the body of the vase to form delicate handles. This French Art Nouveau vase is a beautiful example of Bussière's matte iridescent glaze, which can be found throughout his modeled works.

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Item #: C-1759
Artist: Ernest Bussière, Keller et Guérin
Circa: 1903
Dimensions: 6" diameter, 13" height
Materials: Ceramic
Signed: "K G Lunéville Bussière”
Literature/Exhibition History: Similar vase shown at the Exposition de l'Ecole de Nancy in Paris in 1903; see The Paris Salons 1895-1915, Vol. IV: Ceramics and Glass, by Alastair Duncan, Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors'' Club, 1998, p. 260

Ernest Bussière created only thirty one forms for Keller et Guérin, and is renowned in the world of ceramics for both modeling the vases and formulating the matte iridescent glaze.