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Ernest Bussière Glazed Ceramic Vase


This glazed ceramic vase, designed by Ernest Bussière and executed by Keller et Guérin, features the form of a closed flower in relief, with iridescent milky-green and mauve glazes. With a satisfying rhythm of quiet undulations, this vase imitates the sense of wonder found in intimately examining a complicated French Art Nouveau bloom.

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Item #: C-1676
Artist: Ernest Bussière, Keller et Guérin
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 13.25" height, 4.25" diameter 
Materials: Ceramic
Signed: "K.G. Lunéville Bussière”
Exhibition History: Similar vase shown at the Exposition de l’École de Nancy in Paris in 1903

Keller and Guérin was a French family pottery and ceramics factory that traditionally made flow blue, mulberry, and polychrome faience pieces in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The history of the factory dates to 1728, but in these later years they collaborated closely with a number of artists, such as Ernest Bussière, effectively expanding their clientele.