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Double Serpent and Yowah Nut Opal Brooch


This Egyptian Revival gold pendant brooch, dating from circa 1900, is designed as a carved Yowah nut opal scarab framed by a pair of intertwined asps, one diamond eyes and demantoid garnet accent, the other with red garnet eyes and diamond accent. Its removable pin stem allows for easy conversion from brooch to pendant. With its beautifully patterned Yowah nut opal, displaying vivid seams of blue and green phenomenon, this jewel with classic Egyptian motifs makes a stylish and unusual pin or pendant.

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Item #: BO-19948
Circa: 1900
Size: 1.25” length, 1.125” width
Materials: Carved Yowah nut opal, from Queensland, Australia; 3 Round-cut diamonds; 3 Round-cut red and demantoid garnets; 18K Gold

Egyptian Revival jewelers freely made use of Ancient Egyptian symbolism; here, the scarab signifies immortality and protection, while the asp, an emblem of royalty, recalls the love of Cleopatra and Marc Antony.