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Daum Nancy Wheel-Carved Daisy Cameo Glass Vase


This French Art Nouveau wheel-carved cameo glass vase by Daum Nancy serves as an exceptional example of what can be executed within a wonderfully tight color palette, the depth and range of texture, relief and coloration, all within a range of cool blues. Conical in shape, the vase features a mottled bluish-white and sky blue backdrop, against which a bright blue, subtly carved and highly detailed daisy bloom climbs upward. The base is decorated with matte blue-grey leaves that encircle the bottom of the vase as it narrows.

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Item #: G-13152
Artist: Daum Nancy
Circa: 1910
Dimensions: 9.75" height, 2.75" diameter 
Materials: Glass
Signed: "Daum Nancy France" with the Croix de Lorraine 
Literature: Glass vase with similar decoration pictured in French Cameo Glass, by Berniece and Henry Blount, Des Moines: Dr. & Mrs. Henry Blount, Jr., 1968, p. 74, cat. no. 102

The Croix de Lorraine, or the Cross of Lorraine, is incorporated into the signature of many of the great makers of Nancy, including Daum Nancy and Émile Gallé. After the disastrous French defeat in 1871 in the Franco-Prussian War, the French lost to Germany of much of the province of Lorraine, and the the Cross of Lorraine became a patriotic symbol for the region.