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Daum Nancy Glass "Winter Scene" Vase


An exciting example of a winter scene by Daum Nancy, this rounded vase captures the particular aura of a frost bitten forest at sundown. The dynamic interplay of etched and enameled glass in the construction of the composition adds to the depth of perspective and intricate detailing in the work, and allows for true and unique texturing to decorate each unique element. The opening of the vase is unusually executed in the rough shape of a three leaf clover, an usual and delightful design rarely seen in such works.


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Item #: G-20324
Artist: Daum Nancy
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Size: 4" height, 4.5" diameter
Materials: Glass
Signed: "Daum Nancy" with the Cross of Lorraine

Though seldom addressed in landscape works before the turn of the 20th Century, the depths of winter became a favorite subject for Impressionist and Art Nouveau masters alike. Both schools of artistry appreciated the simplified lines, extended perspective and particular nature of light offered by winter scenes and created masterpieces capturing their beauty.