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Daum Nancy Frosted Glass "Obus" Table Lamp

The "Obus" lamp from Daum Nancy captivates with a design featuring striations and chevrons, its shade gracefully upheld by wrought iron arms painted in bistre. Following World War I, Daum Nancy underwent a creative renaissance, led by Paul Daum, the nephew of Antonin Daum. In August 1914, Paul, serving as captain in the 39th artillery regiment, found inspiration for the lamp's name, "Obus," which translates to artillery shell. This design reflects his innovative approach, aligning with the broader Art Deco movement where artists like Raymond Templier abstracted machine parts from their wartime experiences.

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Item #: EL-21420
Artist: Daum Nancy
Country: France
Circa: 1925
Dimensions: 19.5" height, 8.25" diameter.
Materials: Glass
Signed: engraved DAUM with the Croix de Lorraine NANCY France
Literature: Bacri Clotilde Noël Daum and Claude Pétry-Parisot. 1993. Daum. New York: Rizzoli. p.205

During the art deco period, Daum Nancy was chosen to produce glassware for the SS Normandie, a transatlantic ocean liner that doubled as an ambassador for French Art Deco style, the factory replaced all its traditional glass production with high quality crystal mixed with lead oxide.