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Louis Comfort Tiffany Pottery "Tomato" Vase


Known as the "Tomato" vase, this charming artistic pottery by Louis Comfort Tiffany is rendered in a brilliant celadon hue flecked with accents of emerald green. These delicate emerald green inclusions serve to highlight the robust modeling that gives the vegetal forms their sumptuous shape, enhanced by even slighter touches of a warm, mustard yellow. The lip of the vase curves substantially inward, mimicking the structure of the tomato that is the decorative motif.


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Item #: YT-20256
Artist: Louis Comfort Tiffany
Country: United States
Circa: 1900
Size: 5" height, 7.5" diameter
Materials: Glazed Porcelaneous Earthenware
Signed: "LCT" Monogram and "L.C.Tiffany-Favrile-Pottery"'

Tiffany publicly debuted his pottery at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in St. Louis in Tiffany publicly debuted his pottery to widespread acclaim at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in St. Louis in 1904. Specifically, Tiffany's pottery, for which there are fewer than 2,000 known created pieces, and surely even fewer in existence today, are celebrated for their astonishing realism and attention to natural forms. Because most Tiffany pottery was made in limited numbers from molds and then finished by hand, each piece can be considered unique.