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Clément Massier "La Danse" Glazed Ceramic


This French Art Nouveau glazed ceramic charger, entitled, "La Danse," by Clément Massier, depicts a woman, likely Loïe Fuller, in the middle of one of her world-renowned scarf dances. This remarkable piece is a study in the power of color; the iridescent spectrum of hues swirling throughout the composition create an ethereal haze from which the form the dancer barely emerges. The mirage-like sensation is similar to the experience that the American actress and performer, Loïe Fuller, would have given her audiences. The earliest champion of lighting effects, Fuller often emerged on stages through a fog of swirling, colored smoke, as is perfectly captured in this glazed ceramic charger.

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Item #: YC-19691
Artist: Clement Massier
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 19.25" diameter 
Materials: Ceramic
Signed: "Clement Massier - Golfe Juan-AM"
Literature: Similar charger pictured in Loïe Fuller: Goddess of Light, by Richard Nelson Current and Marcia Ewing Current, Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1997

Loïe Fuller employed smoke, billowing fabrics and dramatic lighting in her choreography, creating an ethereal, otherworldly effect, the likes of which the world had never seen. Clement Massier clearly drew inspiration from her for this iridescent glazed ceramic charger, where Fuller seems to be floating in a sea of the unknown. The feathered decoration in the work merges with her swirling draperies, further accented by iridescent green and purple highlights against a golden ground.