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Carved Moonstone and Blue Enamel Ring


This antique gold and carved moonstone ring dates from the late 19th century, and depicts a man-in-the-moon. The carved and serenely sleeping moonstone man-in-the-moon face, set above an open gallery, is flanked by blue basse-taille enamel shoulders suggesting the midnight sky. Harmonizing bold and billowy blues against rich gold, this beautiful-carved ring conveys Victorian charm and childlike wonder.

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Item #: R-19941
Circa: Late 19th century
Size: 6.5 (this ring may be resized, please contact us for further information)
Materials: Carved moonstone; Enamel; 18K Gold

All world cultures have perceived a variety of representations in the face of the full moon. From the Northern hemisphere, the orientation of the dark lunar seas against brightly lit highlands suggests a smiling face. The benevolent man in the moon was a beloved novelty theme of the Victorians, while moonstone, with its blue and silver tones best captures moonlight’s fugitive gleam.