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Cartier Paris Rock Crystal and Diamond Hand Pendant


Created in the 1970s by Cartier Paris, this large Hamsa hand totem pendant is composed of rock crystal and diamonds. Designed as a carved rock crystal hand, the form is outlined in round brilliant-cut diamonds mounted in 18K gold. An ancient trans-cultural symbol re-interpreted by Cartier, this contemporary jewel is a stylish and streamlined good luck totem with an outsize presence.

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Item #: PT-20061
Artist: Cartier, Paris
Country: France
Circa: 1970s
Size: 4.00” length 1.375” width 
Materials: Rock Crystal; 265 Round brilliant-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 2.80 carats); 18K Gold
Signed: "Cartier Paris 44642 750"

A protective amulet cherished by multiple cultures, the “Hamsa” hand plays a prominent role in art and iconography, from Spain to Israel and the Levant to India. It serves as a totem of faith, good fortune, and a shield against the evil eye. Cartier’s superstar designer Aldo Cipullo introduced the totem as part of his revolutionary uni-sex jewelry collection of the 1970s. Cartier Hamsa hands of this size and materials are rare and unusual to find.