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Complimentary gift wrap & shipping - Order before 12/22

Bulgari Rome Diamond “Doppio Cuore” Earrings

Created circa 2000 by Bulgari Rome, these 18K gold “Doppio Cuore 11” earrings are set with nearly eleven carats of diamonds. Each clip earring is designed as a pair of interlocking hearts, pavé-set throughout with approximately 10.75 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds. Work of clean, effortless elegance, these sparkling double hearts are immediately recognizable as one of Bulgari’s most beloved designs.

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Item #: ER-20693
Artist: Bulgari
Country: Italian
Circa: 2000
Dimensions: 1.25" length x .875 width
Materials: 252 round-cut diamonds (with approximate total weight 10.75 carats); 18 karat gold
Signed: Bvlgari. 750 2237 AL Italian assay marks

The Doppio Cuore group is one of the “modulo” jewel families invented by the Bulgari brothers in the 1980s, on an occasion when the full team came together to discuss the nature of original design. While demonstrating the theory that great design could be inspired by iterations of a single graphic sign, Gianni Bulgari sketched a stylized set of symbols that became the core elements of the hugely popular “Parentesi” collection. Doppio Cuore is one of this series of “modulo” jewels, itself the laborious result of lengthy process of streamlining motifs and prototypes. The heart elements are cast by a process Bulgari calls “microfusion”, and are then extensively finished by hand, and joined by an interlocking mechanism of hinges. Doppio Cuore was invented by Bulgari’s design team in 1983.