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Bulgari Ancient Coin "Monete" Earrings


These 1980s "Monete" clipback earrings by Bulgari Rome are composed of ancient Bronze coins, gold, and diamonds. Each octagonal form centers a bezel-set bronze coin dating from the 5th-4th century B.C., depicting a left-facing Kore in profile. With their dark patina and beautifully modeled goddesses set in glowing gold and sparkling diamonds, these clipback earrings express the Greek artistic spirit in a sleek modern jewel.

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Item #: ER-20028
Artist: Bulgari, Rome
Country: Italy
Circa: 1980s
Size: 0.875" length, 0.875" width
Materials: 32 Round brilliant-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 0.96 carat); 2 Ancient Bronze Coins; 18K Gold
Signed: “Bvlgari 750,” Italian control mark; reverse engraved “Sicilia - Syracvse 5th-4th cent. B.C."

The ancient city of Syracuse in Sicily was one of the wealthiest colonies of greater Ancient Greece, rivaling Athens as a flourishing cultural center and locus of scientific achievement. The 5th century, when this coin was struck, was an eventful time: Syracuse defeated Carthaginian invaders, fought off a siege by Athens, and drove out enemies of democracy, reaching a political and cultural high point. With its setting of incomparable beauty, and dynamic citizens leading in art and science, the city became the one of the most powerful and envied in the Mediterranean world during this era.