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Bulgari Ancient Coin “Monete” Bangle Bracelet


Dating from the late 20th century, this Bulgari gold bangle bracelet is set with an ancient silver coin and cabochon emeralds. The bangle centers a bezel-set silver coin from 323 B.C. depicting Alexander the Great as Herakles, the reverse with Zeus enthroned, holding an eagle, joining a hinged ropetwist bangle highlighted by four cabochon emeralds. This alluring bracelet, centering an ancient coin with refined beautifully-preserved modeling and superb patina, pairs well with other gold or bi-color bangles, or stands on its own as a stylish and original Bulgari classic.

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Item #: BA-20036
Artist: Bulgari, Rome
Country: Italy
Circa: 1980s
Size: 6.25” internal circumference
Materials: Ancient Hellenistic silver Tetradrachm coin depicting Alexander the Great, c. 323 B.C.; 4 Cabochon emeralds (total approximate weight 0.16 carat); 18K Gold; Together with fitted Bulgari box
Signed: “Bvlgari 750,” with Italian Assay marks, and reverse inscribed Alessandro Magno, Cilicia, 323 B.C.

This significant coin, issued in the Hellenized region of Cilicia, Asia Minor, represents the broad artistic influence of Ancient Greece, blended into the many diverse cultures with which they interacted. While Greek became the lingua franca of the ancient world after Alexander’s conquests, as far away as India, Alexander in turn adopted the Persian custom depicting himself on his coinage, here in the manner of the hero Herakles. The coins met the high precious metal content standard of Athenian silver, and became the most widely accepted currency of the time.