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Buccellati Bi-Color Gold and Diamond Cuff


This opulent bi-color gold and diamond cuff bracelet is designed by Buccellati. Slightly tapering, with a vertically scoredor “rigato”surface, the cuff is designed with three open work lace-like white gold and diamond floral motifs each centering star-form “snow lace” elements within a honeycomb of gold "tulle," further enhanced with eight star-form diamond elements, all edged with engraved “ornato” accents. Easily slipped onto the wrist via a hinge on the reverse, the cuff is a tour-de-force of the goldsmith’s art, combining the rich glow of hand-worked gold with diamonds sparkling on delicate precious metal lacework.

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Item #: BA-19986 
Artist: Buccellati 
Country: Italy 
Circa: Modern 
Size: 6.75” interior circumference, 1.625” width (at widest point) 
Materials: Variously-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 3.85 carats); 18K Bi-color gold (total weight 80.5 grams) 
Signed: "M Buccellati Italy," with Italian control mark

Outstanding for their originality and refinement, Buccellati’s high jewelry creations in bi-color gold and diamonds are painstakingly achieved, with highly skilled artisans working for months following Renaissance methods, using steel hand tools called “burins” to obtain a deluxe fabric effect. Inspired by the techniques of Venetian lacemakers, Buccellati recreated the luxury texture of fine fabrics in precious metal, working each cell of the lacy networks for a minimum of eight times to create the desired illusion of veil-like fragility, with the diamonds meant to glitter like raindrops in tulle. In combining 18K yellow and silvery gold in many of his most beloved designs, Buccellati intended to evoke the beauty of Caterina de Medici’s wedding dress, which was spun with gold and silver thread.