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Boucheron Paris "Épis" Gold Bracelet


This stylish gold bracelet was created by Boucheron Paris in the 1940s, at the height of the Retro period. The modeled, high-relief bracelet is designed as a series of stylized palmette form and triangular links. Streamlined and volumized, this beautifully articulated bracelet represents Maison Boucheron’s traditional naturalism, brilliantly updated and abstracted for the modern sensibility.

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Item #: BA-18262
Artist: Boucheron Paris
Country: France
Circa: 1940s
Size: 7.25" length, 0.75" width
Materials: 18K Gold
Signed: "Boucheron Paris"
Literature: Bracelet style pictured as necklace in Boucheron La Capture de L’eclat, by Patrick Wald Lasowski, Anne-Marie Clais, Edition Cercle D'Art, 2005, plate 159

The 1937 Paris Exposition set the stage for the transition from the Art Moderne to the Retro style; chunky, bold, and highly three dimensional in form, Retro jewels introduced a new spirit of lightness, humor and exuberance to jewelry design