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Amethyst and Rose-cut Diamond Serpent Brooch


Dating from circa 1880, this serpent brooch is composed of an amethyst cabochon and rose-cut diamonds set in silver and gold. It is designed as an amethyst egg, set in 18K gold, surrounded by a curling silver and rose-cut diamond silver serpent. With its dramatic dark patina, this sparkling serpent wrapped around a pool of deep purple conveys an enchanting coded message of love and devotion.


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Item #: BO-20314
Country: England
Circa: 1880
Size:  1.75” length x 0.875” width
Materials: 1 amethyst cabochon (measuring approximately 20.44 x 13.73 x 12.84 mm and weighing approximately 25.50 carats); 68 rose-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 0.40 carat); 18K Gold; Silver

Victorian jewelry was saturated with sentiment and symbolism. The serpent, a Classical Age signifier of love, was an enduringly popular motif in jewelry, thanks to the snake bracelet and ring famously prized by Queen Victoria. In jewelry, the loving serpent coiled around the finger, wrist, or neck, sometimes dangling a heart shaped jewel, or, in brooches, might curl protectively around a precious gem.