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Tiffany Studios New York Favrile Glass Vase


This Favrile glass vase, by Tiffany Studios New York, has a background of iridescent medium and turquoise blue swirls that is overlaid with thick, opaque pink geometric decoration. The overall composition is reminiscent of the peacock feathers that Louis Comfort Tiffany so admired, but with elements that suggest a woven basket, or vase of ancient design. The vase combines these refined, seemingly ancient, naturalistic patterning, with the highly-technical innovative and delicately shimmering iridescent Favrile glass, imbuing the piece with a great deal of sophistication and style.

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Item #: T-17156
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Country: United States
Circa: 1895
Dimensions: 11.25" height, 3.5" diameter
Materials: Favrile glass
Signed: “L.C.T. D785”

The delicate undulating pattern of the iridescent Favrile glass is poetically organic, and shimmers so brightly, bringing to mind a favorite natural source of inspiration for Tiffany: the abalone shell. Abalone is actually the interior lining of the shell of a sea snail that goes by a variety of names internationally, but is universally prized for its radiant beauty. Tiffany used abalone as inlay in a number of his lamps, adding significantly to their luster.