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Complimentary gift wrap & shipping - Order before 12/22

Tiffany Studios New York Pair of "Belted Turtleback" Table Lamps


This exquisite pair of Tiffany Studios New York "Belted Turtleback" table lamps, features a large band of iridescent green "Turtleback" tiles against a mottled green brick pattern ground, atop a rare “Mushroom” base. In his twenties, Tiffany was given early access to see the Cypriot antiquities collection of Met Museum director General Luigi Palma di Cesnola. The primitive beauty of the Cyprus's turtle carapace scale rings and bracelets delighted Tiffany, inspiring his turtleback tiles. The "Turtleback" tile was among the earliest innovations at Tiffany Furnaces in Corona New York. A large glass press created the appearance of hand wrought tiles, belying their industrial manufacture. Both the turtleback tile and iridescence distinguished Louis Comfort Tiffany as a luminary of glass innovation.

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Item #: L-20691
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York        
Country: United States
Circa: 1905
Dimensions: Each 16” diameter, 22.5” height  
Materials:  Leaded glass, Bronze
Shades Signed: ''Tiffany Studios New York''
Base's Signed: ''Tiffany Studios New York 394''
Literature: Shade pictured in Tiffany Lamps and Metalware, An Illustrated Reference to Over 2000 Models, by Alastair Duncan, p.131, plate #1434. A similar base is pictured on p. 84, plate 324.

As the consulate general in Cyprus, Cesnola was able to amass the largest foreign collection of Cypriote antiquities. Cesnola became the first director of the Metropolitan Museum of art, adding his collection to the permanent display.