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Daum Nancy Enameled and Etched Cyclamen Glass Vase with Handles


This dynamic enameled and etched glass vase with applied handles is from the French firm, Daum Nancy. The body of the glass vase features a delicate, pastel pink martelé background, among which buds a near-translucent, ultra-delicate set of green cyclamen blooms. Framing the composition from the top is an falling canopy of bright green, sinuously curling vines, while from below, solid, dark green lily pads enhance compositional stability. The dark base of the vase is wheel-carved in relief. Two applied handles sprout from the narrow top of the vase, in similar sinuous fashion and in a beautifully bright and vivacious green coloring.


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Item #: G-17723
Artist: Daum Nancy
Country: France
Circa: 1914
Dimensions: 10" height, 3.5" diameter
Materials: Glass, Enamel
Signed: “Daum Nancy” with the Croix de Lorraine

This Daum Nancy glass vase is special not only for it's particular beauty, but also for the array of highly-technical and intricately-difficult glass techniques applied in the creation of this delicate, yet powerful, piece.