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Georges Flamand Gilt Bronze Inkwell


This stunning and dramatic inkwell by Georges Flamand depicts the face of a woman, carved in bone, with long, fan-shaped tresses framing her lifted profile in gilt bronze. A female nude lies along one side of the woman's serene face, the nude female figure rests her hands on the woman's lips as she seemingly whispers Art Nouveau secrets into an eager ear. The ink pots that sit on the far right and left of the fan of great golden locks are each surrounded with a bouquet of pansy blossoms.

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Item #: S-14902
Artist: Georges Flamand
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 4.25" height, 19" width, 13.5" depth
Materials: Gilt bronze, Bone
Signed: "G. Flamand"

The inclusion of the pansies around the inkwell is an important one, as the French word for pansy is "pensée," which also means thought. Georges Flamand plays upon this double entendre as the whisperer not only inspires her listener, but also becomes muse to the writer, the user of the inkwell.