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Fabergé Russia Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Brooch


Created by Knut Oscar Pihl, a work master for Carl Fabergé, this Russian 14K gold and silver  brooch is set with emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamonds. The circular form centers on four larger old European and old mine-cut diamonds (the largest weighing approximately 0.70 carat) contained within diamond semi-circle and radiating three branches with cabochon sapphire, ruby and emerald terminals framed by diamonds. With its rich colors and sparkling old diamonds set against dark patinated silver, this small and precious brooch conveys the nostalgic charm and artistry of the beloved imperial jeweler, and the lost world for which they created their magical work. 

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Item #: BO-20082
Artist: Oscar Pihl Moscow, Workmaster of Fabergé, Moscow
Country: Russia
Circa: 1887-1897
Size: 2.00” length x 1.50” width
Materials: Cabochon sapphire (weighing approximately 2.60 carats); Cabochon ruby (weighing approximately 1.90 carats); Cabochon emerald (weighing approximately 1.65 carats); 124 old European and old mine-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 4.70 carats); 14k Gold; Silver
Signed: “OP" for Oscar Pihl, Russian assay mark “56” for 14K gold, Russian silver assay mark

Active as a Fabergé work master from 1887-1897, Knut Oscar Pihl (1860-1897) was a jeweler and goldsmith of Finnish heritage, like 14 of Fabergé’s 24 work masters. His own career was cut short by an early death, but his daughter Alma became one of Fabergé’s  jewelry and objet designers. Alma created the celebrated 1913 Winter Easter Egg, and following its success, the Mosaic Easter Egg (now in the treasury of Elizabeth II), as well as a collection of snowflake jewelry.