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Mother of Pearl and Opal Cuff Links


Dating from the 1950s, these gold cuff links are set with carved dark mother of pearl and precious white opal. Designed as double circular links joined by chain and mounted on gold, each canted, gently raised mother of pearl disk centers a circular opal tablet. Dark but subtly iridescent, with unexpected flashes of spectral color, these original cuff links offer unusual and subtle style and elegance.


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Item #: CS-13257
Country: England
Circa: 1950s
Size: 0.5625” diameter
Materials: Mother of pearl; Precious white opal; 18K Gold

The complex internal structures of mother of pearl and opal create intriguing color phenomena, due to the way they interact with light rays, causing the diffraction, interference, scattering, amplification and interference effects that produce the materials’ prized iridescence and play-of-color.