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Complimentary gift wrap & shipping - Order before 12/22

Tiffany Studios New York "Oriental Poppy" Leaded Glass and Gilt Bronze Floor Lamp

This Tiffany Studios New York "Oriental Poppy" leaded glass and gilt bronze floor lamp was created circa 1913. Surmounted by a gilt bronze cap with hogtail finial and geometric piercing, the upper registers of the shade depict a profusion of yellow, amber and gold poppies with intense blue centers and hints of green pollen, set against a sky shading from blue to violet, above a foundation of green and brown foliage, achieving intense color effects through the extensive use of variegated mottled glass. The shade is raised on three lion’s paw arms atop a slender gilt bronze pillar and smooth platform base. In the complex chromatic and pictorial composition of this shade, where the exuberant poppies spill over concentric rings of tiled bands, Louis Tiffany and his collaborators portrayed the natural world overcoming the limitations of order and symmetry. 

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Item #: L-20377
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Country: United States
Circa: 1913-1919
Size: 26.25” diameter, 70.00” height
Materials:  Leaded Glass, Gilt Bronze
Shade signed: ''Tiffany Studios 24045 New York''
Base signed: ''Tiffany Studios New York 377''
Literature: A similar shade and base are each pictured separately in Dr. Egon Neustadt, The Lamps of Tiffany, New York, 1970, p. 160 (for the shade). Further, see Alastair Duncan, Tiffany Lamps and Metalware, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 2019, pp. 227, no. 884 (for the shade) and 229, nos. 893-895 (for the base)

This Tiffany Studios masterpiece is an exploration of nature’s abundance set against order and geometry, expressed within the form and structure of this useful and beautiful work of art. The chromatic composition juxtaposes color wheel opposites - riotous yellow blossoms contrasting with their own purple centers - set against a violet-blue sky. The gold, purple, amber and blue hues are all harmonized and grounded by the subdued greens and browns of the foliage and earth in the lower shade. Schematically, the glowing poppies appear to push upward and forward in all directions in dreamlike profusion from the broad shade’s lush garden landscape, resisting constraint by the rows of narrow rectangular tiles in the apron. Inspired by Japanese art, and the idea that a fragment can represent the whole, Tiffany’s poppy tableau powerfully evokes the world of high summer, a time of lavish blossoms with maximally extended petals, some bowing under their own weight, vulnerable to a sudden thunderstorm, with the occasional serrated leaf beginning to yellow at its tip. According to Martin Eidelberg, the various Oriental Poppy shades were among the most expensive offered, reflecting their grand size and work-intensive pictorial compositions.