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Tiffany Studios New York "Leaf & Vine" Wheel-Carved Favrile Glass Vase


A Tiffany Studios New York Art Nouveau wheel-carved Favrile glass "Leaf & Vine" vase by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Aptly known as a "Leaf & Vine" vase, this Louis Comfort Tiffany piece, arrestingly round in structure and featuring a stately, multi-tiered and similarly rounded lip, boasts of a beautiful contrast of texture, sheen and coloration. While the backdrop of the composition is an enticing golden hue replete with shimmering iridescence, throughout which wheel carved, four pointed leaves float ethereally, delicately connected by thin dancing vines in the same hue of green.

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Item #: T-20094
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York 
Circa: 1910
Country: United States 
Dimensions: 8.75" height
Materials: Favrile glass
Signed: Engraved "2023 L L. C. Tiffany - Favrile"

The leaf and vine decoration was achieved with intarsia, or applying small purple glass forms while the bubble remained on the gaffer's blowpipe. The difficulty of creating naturalistic imagery in hot glass should not be underestimated—the detailed representation of the leaves and stems makes this vase highly desirable.