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Jean Després Tri-Color Hammered Gold Cuff Links


Created in the 1940s by the French artist Jean Després, these modernist cuff links consist of three different colors of gold. Of layered, abstract geometric design, the oblong, hammered yellow gold links with one rounded corner are surmounted at two edges by three raised polished bars of rose and one of white gold, and are joined to a smaller conforming hammered yellow link. A unity of subtle contrasts in surface texture and color, with the added fascination of an asymmetrical composition, these cuff links express sculptural modernism in miniature.

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Item #: CS-19963 
Artist: Jean Després, Paris 
Country: France 
Circa: 1940s 
Size: 0.75” length, 0.50” width
Materials: 18K Yellow, white, and rose gold 
Signed: “J. Després,” and maker's mark “JD”

In these cuff links, the highly disciplined compositions of layered and subtly textured abstracted forms are an echo of Després’ early fascination with Cubist painting and his enduring friendship with Georges Braque.