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English Opal and Diamond Three Stone Ring


This Edwardian three stone 18K gold ring is composed of precious white opals and rose-cut diamonds. The three oval opals are interspersed with four rose-cut diamonds, above a scrolling gallery. This lovely antique ring elegantly combines transparent precious opal and its luminous green and orange phenomenon with the soft warmth of gold and the muted, ethereal light of rose-cut diamonds. 

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Item #: R-20405
Artist: EW, Birmingham
Country: England
Circa: 1911-1912
Size:  7.75; (this ring can be sized; please contact the gallery for further information)
Materials: 3 oval cabochon opals; 4 rose-cut -cut diamonds; 18K gold
Signed: EW, 18, with Birmingham city assay mark and letter date lower case Gothic “m” in an oblong surround

Precious opal, formed a water-laden grid of tiny silica spheres in various sizes, is a non-crystalline substance. Opal creates play-of-color by diffracting light through this grid of spheres, which break the rays into their spectral colors.