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Complimentary gift wrap & shipping - Order before 12/22

English Moonstone and Diamond Ring

Made in England, this 18K gold, moonstone and diamond ring dates from circa 1880. It is set with a high-domed circular cabochon moonstone and framed by 17 old European-cut diamonds joining notched shoulders with a fleur-de-lis motif. A favorite of the late Victorians, moonstone's billowy phenomenon paired perfectly with fiery old diamonds for an intriguing combination of contrasting textures and phenomena.

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Item #: R-20614
Country: England
Circa: 1880
Size: 7.5 (this ring can be sized; please contact the gallery for further information)
Materials: 1 cabochon moonstone (with approximate total weight 6.50 carats); 17 old European-cut diamonds (with approximate total weight 1.10 carats); 18 karat gold
Signed: 18CT

Moonstone, composed of microscopic alternating layers of albite and orthoclast, is a member of the feldspar group of minerals. Its phenomenon - the appearance of billowing inner light of milky or bluish tones reminiscent of moonbeams - is known as adularescence or shiller. The phenomenon is the result of scattering caused by the interaction of the constituent wavelengths of visible light with the gem's spaced layers.