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Alfred Marionnet Bronze Figural Sculpture


A piece by Alfred Marionnet, this enticing jardinere, executed in a deep, monochramatic earthen tone is made exciting by its dynamic composition, which is cast in deep relief and spills beyond the confines of the vessel's outer edges. The design centers on an elegant female form, tenderly embracing the rounded girdle of the vessel as her bare feet, cast in full relief, extend outward. A tangled border of intertwined vines decorates the top lip of the jardinere, as soft naturalistic motifs appear as gentle undulations throughout the body of the piece.


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Item #: S-15027
Artist: Alfred Marionnet
Circa: 1900
Country: France
Dimensions: 10" height, 13" diameter
Materials: Patinated bronze 
Signed: "A. Marionnet"

The reverse of the charming composition reveals that the female figure is not reaching blindly around the piece, but that her left hand is searching for the wonderful bouquet of oversized berries that eludes her as it seemingly floats through the design.