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Polychrome Swiss Enamel Long Chain Necklace

Dating from the 1870s, this Swiss enamel long chain necklace is composed of 18K gold. The chain is formed of rectangular plaques decorated front and verso in two distinct base-taille enamel stylized floral garlands, one framed in white champlevé and the other in black, alternating with semi-circular and barbell form geometric links with double spherule accents. The opulently long chain combines antique charm with the Victorian fascination for the geometry of transformational machine forms, creating a timeless, ever-wearable jewel with contemporary glamor and appeal.

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Item #: N-20621
Country: Switzerland or Northern Italy
Circa: 1870's
Dimensions: 45" length x 0.25" width
Materials: 18 karat gold; Swiss enamel

The gold long chain was an enduringly popular form in the 19th century, revived from Renaissance jewelry styles that had been popular with both men and women throughout Europe. In the 19th century, these chains were formed of hollow links, such as these, that might be elaborately shaped, textured and/or enameled. Their length and wonderful lightness, combined with superb craftsmanship, makes them comfortable and highly versatile, and they were worn, as revealed by period portraiture, in a multitude of creative ways.