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Gabriel Argy-Rousseau Pâte de Verre "Cérès" Night Light

A burst of color and light, this rounded night light in pâte-de-verre glass is an Art Deco treasure by none other than Gabriel Argy-Rousseau. Narrow triangles in crimson bow outward as they point fiercely upward toward the apex of the petite lamp, cutting through a sea of tear drop-shaped patterning in marigold. The golden and reddish hues of the lamp darken at its base and lighten as they reach the top of the composition, adding to the wonderfully varied light that the lamp gives off when lit. The lamp's name makes reference to Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, signaled by the patterns of grain on the globe and coloring evoking a sunrise. The shade rests on a wrought iron stand with radiating arms incised decoration and supported by a ring base.

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Item #: YEL-21242
Artist: Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
Country: France
Circa: 1926
Dimensions: 6" height, 5.5" diameter.
Materials: Pâte de verre, translucent glass, Wrought Iron
Signed: G. Argy-Rousseau
Literature: Pictured in G. Argy-Rousseau (a catalogue raisonné), by Janine Bloch-Dermant, p. 208

The deep texturing in the glass shade of the lamp means that a rich aura of golden light envelopes the area surrounding the petite lamp, giving it a visual presence much larger than its physical dimensions.